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The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a nonprofit organization that provides young adults (ages 11-17) with compelling, life-changing experiences that instill values of teamwork, discipline, self-reliance, camaraderie and service. Cadets receive training in leadership, maritime skills, aviation training, physical fitness and substance abuse prevention.

Based at the Lawrenceville Armory, the John T. Dempster Jr. Division is made up of young men and women from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, supported by an active group of adult volunteers. The John T. Dempster Jr. Division of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps was named one of the best units in the nation.

Founded in 1960, our Division is one of the oldest units in the nation, with thousands of alumni. Eighty-three percent (83%) of youths who participate in the USNSCC program pursue further training in the various branches of the military and public service. Twelve percent (12%) of each US Naval Academy graduating class are former Sea Cadets. Others will enter public service with Police, Fire Departments, FBI, US Border Agents, and EMS.

Somewhere in the world today, our Dempster Sea Cadet Alumni are protecting all of us!

We would like to ask your help in supporting our Sea Cadets. As a 501 (c) 3 organization, we are funded by a combination of dues from participant families, Cadet fundraising and generous donations from individuals, local businesses and organizations such as yours.

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The youth we develop and train today, will be the leaders of tomorrow.